June, 2017

I’m a landscape and time lapse photographer based in Wyoming. Specializing in wild and beautiful nature scenery.

I wasn’t so sure about having a custom song made due to past experiences with other musicians, but Ash changed my opinion. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and through his music, made the final video better than I could have imagined.
— Nicolaus Wegner
November, 2016

I’m an Aspiring independent filmmaker living in Georgia, U.S.

I travelled to Iceland to shoot a personal project, and Ashley was the perfect film composer partner!

Ashley’s rare choice and selection of music aligned with my vision of the sound part.

Ashley worked very hard to get the piece finalized, and I appreciate his open communication with me. I would definitely recommend him to those in need of a film music composer.
— Jason Lee

March, 2017

Carlos- A short film. Genre: Psycho thriller

I’m a skilled writer, editor, director and a visionary bringing to life stories that have been lost or marginalised in today’s culture through film.

We needed the music for Carlos to be dramatic yet creepy. Ash was given the commission to slowly unfold the story without telling it too quickly.

Ash was amazing through the process. His speed was absolutely impeccable and his ability to grasp the vision was unheard of.
— Christina Faith Johnson
January, 2017

I’m an independent filmmaker based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Currently filming the feature film entitled “Collusion”.

The film is a collection of short horror stories told while on a road trip, through the Nevada desert.

I was lucky enough to come across one of Mr Holbrook’s songs while searching for musical content on Facebook. I immediately commissioned him to help with the film’s soundtrack.

Ashley did a phenomenal job composing the soundtrack, within a few edits he was able to capture the musical atmosphere of the movie.

I would rate him five stars, not only for his talent as a composer but also for his professional approach to my project.
— James Compton
April, 2017

Our Father

Ash was a real gift to our production. He turned an ambitious brief and an impossible deadline into a cogent and emphatic score. He was great at taking direction but always full of ideas too. A pleasure to work with.
— Sami Abusamra